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Welcome to the Ferricks in NC

This is my first attempt at creating a web site. I could not resist the bargain price from my host, HostingInsiders, so I� thought it would be a neat learning exercise for HTML and beyond. I� hope to be able to host this on my own system, but that is a later project.


The thoughts behind this website:

I originally had a weird thought to create a web site when my wife bought me my 1977 Hunter 30, in October 2005. On the stern of the boat, along with her name (the boats name, not my wife's) there is usually a home port . So, I sayz (Popye language) to myself, 'Why not , instead of the tradition home port, put a little geekyness in and have a web address there'. I continued thinking (dangerous for me) and sayz, 'Not just any site, or favorite, but MY site. Not just my site, but the Ferrick clan's site. A site where folks can meet us and see what we are about'. Since was already taken. Why DVDoctor in Hoonah, AK wants MY name as a .com, beats me. I registered as a .net . was born...What an undertaking............

The first goal for this site is to create something, anything that looks decent. Not being a designer, and I didn't want to shame my boat, and us, and I knew that I would end up with a mediocre, symmetrical page with frames and lots of pictures. The reason; just because I can (with a lot of help from the tutorials) do something more, I would. With a little research, I now know that FRAMES are on the way out, CSS is in, and lots of pictures and moving gifs are annoying, I looked for free templates. Surfing, I� found these designs by Andreas Viklund at Open Source Web Design. Liking open source software, I knew I� found what I was looking for.

Now what about content. What can I do? Well, here are a few ideas I came up with:

Please note: As this is my first attempt at a web site, first and foremost be kind. I am open to constructive criticism, and perchance you like a feature or want one, let me know that also. As far IP (Intellectual Property) I do not intend on borrowing any ( unless it is freely given, as in open source. I will be using links to other sites and using material ( maps, charts, ...) If I� have stepped on your toes and want your material removed, want credit, want an exchange link, etc, please let me know. Send email to (Don't know yet).

Open source, yeah!

If you like this layout and would like to use it in any way, you are free to do so by going to the original template at Open Source Web Design, and search for designer Andreas.